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Bright Instruments is an 80-plus year old business, in the medical device manufacturing sector.

The company manufacture and supply cryostats, microtomes and laboratory freezers around the world.

When Market Boosters became involved, the company did have a website, albeit a very basic one, and not much traffic at all was being generated as confirmed by Google Analytics. The sources of the limited traffic were even less clear; they certainly weren’t coming through the search engines. Not only that, Lead Forensics indicated to us that very few relevant businesses were among the limited visitors. The website simply wasn’t performing. Very few leads were coming through.

We initially set about performing an SEO audit. Market Boosters discovered that the website was not SEO-optimised, with limited on-page optimisation and few backlinks. The company did have a social media presence, but it was updated almost annually and was somewhat untargeted. Furthermore, B2B social channels are notoriously difficult to master. It was advised that Bright Instruments keep the channels going as it can add to the legitimacy of the business (of course, people worldwide already knew of Bright Instruments as a major player in the industry), but Market Boosters would take over its management and give it an overhaul. We would also utilise paid advertising to drive some very successful campaigns.

While simultaneously making improvements to SEO and search presence on the existing site, we also installed Hotjar so we could literally view what people were doing when on the website. We discovered a whole host of possible improvements – the website wasn’t UX-optimised either and thus this would likely nudge up the conversion rate if addressed. We began a PPC campaign to make up for the SEO shortfall – by managing this we were able to bring down the cost-per-click by over 200% while still targeting a worldwide audience. This is one of the benefits of having a fully managed PPC package; without constant refinement customers could be wasting money unnecessarily.

After raising the traffic as much as we could, we identified a number of reasons why the website still wouldn’t convert as much as it really could. We installed a web chat feature, and finally identified that ultimately we would need to build a brand new website with a modern look and feel, that was responsive, and that would be easy to update and maintain moving forward. Working in collaboration with a very experienced IT consultant, we were able to build a bespoke template with custom software that was fully optimised, responsive and much more likely to encourage conversions.

After just one month, the brand new website went live. 3 months later, there has been a monumental increase in the value of quotes generated online. People can request prices in as little as one click after entering in their contact details.

Market Boosters continue to increase month-on-month traffic, visitor quality and quote value, while constantly making sure that all elements of the digital marketing mix are performing to their maximum potential for Bright Instruments.

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