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Affordable web development, as web design doesn't have to cost you an arm and a leg
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4 top tips to finding affordable web design

Finding affordable web design can be difficult. If you’ve ever been on the lookout for affordable web development, you’ll know that there seems to be an agency minefield. Gone are the days you sit there looking through the Yellow Pages and calling people up – developers seemed few and far between. Now web development agencies are all over the place. But how can you find one that meets your needs, and your budget?


Here at Market Boosters, we’ve compiled this helpful list, to help you find affordable web design that works for you.


Affordable web design - Affordable web development that works for you

Affordable web development that works for you


1) Establish exactly what functionality you want

Before reaching out to anyone, you really need to drill down on what it is you’re after. Do you sell online, or is your website simply an informational backdrop? Agencies often charge a higher fee for e-commerce websites, usually because they’re slightly more complicated and more time-consuming to set up, but if you’re after a simple informational website, you shouldn’t have to pay over the odds – right? It’s ultimately down to you to decide exactly want to need, what you want, and what’s maybe just a ‘nice to have’. Nice to haves can come at an extra cost and offer your website little to nothing extra, so try to be sparing if you don’t have a huge budget.


2) Google is your best friend – but it can be (and is) controlled by smart marketers

Google is an excellent starting point, but since its inception, it’s been able to be controlled. The first pages that pop up, pop up for a reason. This can be both good and bad, usually good because it shows that the agency are able to apply the science and get your site optimised to help it climb up the search rankings. However, don’t just go for the agencies on the first page. Get quotes from those on the second and third page too – you might be missing out! Just because they don’t invest much on their marketing, they may still be exceptionally talented web developers who aren’t charging heavy premiums due to their brand name – affordable web design is what you’re after here.


3) Consider your CMS carefully

CMS (Content Management Systems) are ten to the penny nowadays – some mainstream, some very bespoke. Why this is important is because sometimes agencies charge an additional fee for onboarding onto their own CMS, and tie you into a contract as they’re the only ones who know how to manage it. At Market Boosters, we suggest to our clients that they use WordPress. This is a FREE CMS that is fully customisable to suit your needs, and once your site is up and running, it’s actually pretty easy for anyone to make changes. Okay, it’s not that easy, but there’s plenty of information out there to help point you in the right direction. Our clients are often dazzled by how easy it is for us to provide something that was way beyond what they expected.


4) Do things differently

Based on the knowledge that affordable web development is very limited in scope, especially if you want things done properly, Market Boosters suggest a completely different approach. Here we combine web development, SEO, PPC, content writing and more into three simple packages, with crystal clear, upfront pricing and absolutely no time-bound contracts, so you’re able to truly hit the ground running and not pay an arm and a leg in the process.


Alternatively, we do take on standalone and affordable web design projects to help meet your needs – contact us today and let’s discuss your requirements.

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