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We're experts in website development, digital marketing and marketing consultancy. But we know you don't want to be confused with jargon; you want to see results. Put simply, we will use our extensive knowledge and toolkit to bring you new business, even while you sleep.

Marketing of any type is viewed as an investment. Lots of business owners describe it anecdotally as "being like electricity", given the fact you often can't see or touch it, but you know it's important. At Market Boosters, we have learnt through experience that ultimately it's about generating real results and tracking the Return on Investment (ROI) from activity. That's why we're heavily focused on lead generation and go above and beyond to help you cultivate any leads into sales, through consultancy.

You're probably going to need some extra staff...

It's not completely uncommon for our clients' sales staff to feel a little overwhelmed with the uptake in real enquiries that turn into genuine sales opportunities. We're able to help advise on ways you can make things more efficient, but ultimately it's about bringing down the barriers and making sure your business isn't resting on its laurels. Below is a list of the types of activities we undertake for our clients, but really the sky's the limit as far as we're concerned.

Website development

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Pay Per Click (PPC)

Marketing Consultancy

Active networking

LinkedIn training/lead generation

Content writing

Trade show attendance

We have a proven track record

We generate results for all of our clients, and tailor our packages to suit. Regardless of the tools and methods we use to generate your business the enquiries, sales and results you deserve, you can be sure that we're on board for the long run. There's no "quick fix", no one-size-fits all approach and no excuses. See some of our results below.

Kenneth Turner

Who: Kenneth Turner is a household fragrance manufacturer, who sell their range of luxury candles, reed diffusers (and much more) through both bricks and mortar stores and online channels.

What: Market Boosters were tasked initially with redeveloping the website as we had identified it was dated and didn't match the luxury nature of the products. Furthermore, it simply wasn't performing; with slow online sales paired with the ever-increasing threat on offline retail channels, it was certainly time to act.

Results: In under 6 months following development of the new website, total online revenue had exceeded that of the 12 months prior (August to August) to development. A mixture of a completely new website, along with Pay Per Click, social media advertising, Search Engine Optimisation, email marketing, introducing a reward points system and broader marketing consultancy contributed to the success with Kenneth Turner.

We continue to work closely with the brand on an ongoing basis and are constantly helping other eCommerce clients enjoy increased sales through the web.


Who: Mesh4 is a wholesale distributors of one of the widest ranges of ground reinforcement, geotextiles, netting, fencing, shading and weed control products, including the renowned Tenax brand. They supply to the construction, civil engineering, commercial horticultural, agricultural landscaping and public amenity sectors.

What: Mesh4 were going through a rebrand, and needed a new website as part of this. Furthermore, the web was identified as an area that didn't generate any new business, and instead just served as an idle backdrop. Market Boosters developed the new website and advised the best possible usage case of the internet to generate new leads and sales for Mesh4.

Results: Following the launch of the new Mesh4 website and in line with our digital marketing activity, monthly web traffic has increased by 260%, with direct new business being attributed to website activity.

We continue to work closely with the brand on an ongoing basis and are constantly helping other wholesalers/manufacturers grow their web presence, enquiries and sales.

Bright Instruments

Who: Bright Instruments manufacture and supply a range of medical devices worldwide, with a particular focus on pathology and histopathology, with over 80 years in business.

What: Bright Instrument Co Ltd was acquired by investors and following years of lacking investment needed a high level of attention to drive new enquiries and sales. We devised a plan of action, including a new website, investment in new technology, a whole range of digital marketing solutions and a switch in focus of the core business portfolio in liaison with the board.

Results: Following the launch of the new website and in line with our digital marketing activity, over £1 million in requested quotes is generated on an annual basis.

We continue to work closely with the brand on an ongoing basis and are constantly helping other manufacturers or service providers in complex markets grow their web presence, enquiries and sales.

See what they say about us

We are used to working with stakeholders of all types and roles. Whether it's business owners, senior marketing professionals, sales managers, administrative staff or interns, we treat everyone with the same level of service and respect. See what some of our valued clients have to say about us.


Since working with Market Boosters, our website presence has grown exponentially and we're actively receiving website enquiries. I have also implemented means to record the source of any sales, and can confirm we have received successfully closed sales opportunities from the web. Market Boosters applies a refreshing approach and are heavily focused on ensuring the service essentially pays for itself.


James S, Managing Director


Our online sales have grown at a pretty fast rate, so fast in fact we're now having to invest rapidly in developing new product lines. We very quickly learnt that Matt's experience and knowledge stretches far beyond the web and now liaise with him on most of our sales and marketing activity. I cannot recommend Market Boosters enough (literally too, with all my business contacts!)

Kenneth Turner London

Lisa W, Sales & Marketing Director


Market Boosters has generated that much inbound for us that now we barely need to look towards any outbound activity. As a Sales Manager, this is a dream come true. We have had to hire new support staff to facilitate this increase in activity, which is of course a good thing. Keep it up!

Stanley Handling

Alistair M, Sales Manager

govox show

Leading Market Boosters' activity with honesty, integrity, transparency and a fierce commitment to client success

Born and raised in Bedfordshire & Hertfordshire, at the ripe age of 17 I joined the army, namely the Corps of Royal Engineers. Primarily based in Germany, I was fortunate enough to visit many places, and served an operational tour of Afghanistan, where I was a member of the Counter Improvised Explosive Device Search Team.


Fast forward a few years, after suffering an injury and choosing to take control of the situation, I applied for voluntary redundancy and was accepted. Almost immediately after this, I was at college and then studied towards my BA (Hons) International Business degree at Nottingham Trent University. I was lucky enough to graduate with a First Class Honours degree (73% to be precise!)


While at university, hard work enabled me to land an internship at Experian, in their B2B division marketing a suite of software products to business owners. Alongside this, I would freelance on some popular platforms such as PeoplePerHour.com, completing a number of content writing (with a strong focus on SEO) and website development projects.


Just before graduating, I secured my first marketing role as a content marketing assistant. This quickly developed into a Digital Marketing Executive role with a group of companies part-owned by the same shareholders. It was following aggressive growth and achieving results for these companies that my now business partners approached me and Market Boosters was first discussed.


Over a year on, with an ever-growing number of longterm clients, Market Boosters is now disrupting the digital agency landscape across Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire and London.


We're here to grow your business in an honest, transparent way, keen to deliver a service that pays for itself in new enquiries and sales, so you can focus on what's important to you as a business owner or manager.

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